Article: From Ecotheology to Ecospirituality in Laudato sí—Ecological Spirituality beyond Christian Religion, by Teresa Messias

In this open access article, Teresa Messias argues for the close relationship between the ecotheology of Laudato sí and ecospirituality. Furthermore, she sees the possibility of Pope Francis's Ecumenical letter leading to substantive connections with other non-Christian spiritualities. Here is the article's abstract:

This article discusses the notion of ecotheology, its origins and the conceptual framework of meaning, particularly within Christian theology, in order to establish its relation to the notion of ecospirituality. The article researches how ecological theology may ground an ecological spirituality. Then, it uses both notions to (1) analyze Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter Laudato sí, (2) identify what models of ecotheology are used in his approach, (3) trace significant ecotheological dimensions, proposals, practices and lifestyles conveyed, (4) investigate if it is possible to identify the presence of an ecospirituality, concluding affirmatively. Finally, it asks whether Laudato sí’s ecospirituality is only meaningful and operative within a Christian spiritual framework or if, in many respects, it may be also inspirational and significant beyond a Christian realm of meaning. It concludes that Laudato sí’s ecological spirituality offers common ground for synergies with other religious, non-religious and secular ecospiritualities which can be synergic contributors to the creation of networks of action and meaning that can be implemented in order to develop a common passionate and effective protection of our world on environmental matters. The methodology used is a critical and hermeneutical documental analysis by means of reviewing significant literature in this area of knowledge.

The article is freely available.


Messias, Teresa. 2024. "From Ecotheology to Ecospirituality in Laudato sí—Ecological Spirituality beyond Christian Religion" Religions 15, no. 1: 68.

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