Book: Ecospirituality: An Introduction, by Rachel Wheeler

SSCS member and the Society's Secretary/Treasurer Rachel Wheeler's new book Ecospirituality: An Introduction provides a resource for anyone seeking to understand the Christian spiritual tradition - its historical and contemporary teachings and practices - in the context of today's global ecological crisis. Her approach includes practical wisdom from other religious traditions and emphasizes the importance of experience. Here is the publisher's overview:

Rachel Wheeler covers the background for environmentally oriented spirituality in the Christian tradition, beginning with expressions of creation care and creation degradation in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, and moving through important moments and figures in the history of Christian spirituality. With this foundation in place, she reveals how expressions of renewed interest in creation care are showing up amid our compromised living habitats today, and shows what ideas laid the groundwork for beginning to speak of God, human identity, and human responsibility in certain ways. Turning to ecospiritual practice, Wheeler presents specific practices from a variety of global religious traditions, paying particular attention to Indigenous spiritual traditions. She also explores interdisciplinary areas that have combined some essential aspects of their own focus of engagement with ecology and, furthermore, with ecospirituality. Such areas as ecojustice, ecofeminism, ecowomanism, and ecopoetics all provide points of contact with the work that ecospirituality makes possible and have important implications for personal and social transformation.

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