Knowledge and Experience: Spirituality In The Time of COVID-19 by Steven Chase

Spiritus Spring 2021


The essays of the latest issue of Spiritus (Spring 2021; v. 21, n. 1) share a single theme: the relation between spirituality and COIVID-19. The journal's editor, Steven Chase, writes "In the midst of the experience and knowledge found in these essays, may you find peace and mercy even in the confusion, uncertainty, darkness, and suffering of this past year and in preparation for the time to come." His introduction, which offers brief summaries of each essay (including the Society's annual Presidential Address by Timothy Robinson), is available. (The poems in the issue also reflect experiences of the coronavirus.) Here are the essay titles and authors:

Knowledge and Experience: Spirituality In The Time of COVID-19
Steven Chase
pp. vii-xiv

He Talked to Trees! "Thinking Differently" About Nature with Howard Thurman
Timothy Robinson
pp. 1-19

Black Lives Matter: A Spiritual Response
Michael Battle
pp. 20-35

Reconsidering Citizenship From Within
Lisa M. Hess
pp. 36-49

Spirituality in a Time of Pandemic
Philip Sheldrake
pp. 50-58

Julian of Norwich: The Socially-Distanced Saint
Lisa Fullam
pp. 59-68

Apocalyptic Spirituality and Advent in a Time of Corona Pandemic
Annie Pan Yi Jung
pp. 69-79

Bells of Mindfulness: Bonhoeffer, COVID-19, and the Climate Crisis
Lisa E. Dahill
pp. 80-88

Jesus' Spirituality of Authentic Subjectivity and COVID-19's Shadow Pandemic
Michael O'Sullivan
pp. 89-107

Fragments: Journal of the PlagueYear 2020
Wendy M. Wright
pp. 108-114

The Power of Mercy in Desperate Times: The Story of a Pastor's Self-Sacrifice
Pieter G.R. de Villiers
pp. 115-127

"The Long Experience of Love": Meditations on Breath and Beauty amidst a Pandemic
Mark S. Burrows
pp. 128-147