Special Journal Issue: Spirituality and Addiction, co-edited by Bernadette Flanagan and Noelia Molina

Co-edited by SSCS members Bernadette Flanagan and Noelia Molina, this special issue of the monthly journal Religions is available for download because it is an open access journal. Here is an excerpt from the editors' introduction:

In this collection of essays, we turn the spirituality spotlight onto the inner drives in life which can shape our existence, consciously or unconsciously. The diversity of addictions discussed, and perspectives presented, aims to raise deeper questions regarding the nature of addiction. Rather than presenting addictions as diverse clinical challenges, the essays seek to reflect on addiction as a universal aspect of the human condition. The diversity of foci in the papers implicitly raises the question of what form of addiction is a force within any individual life. Engaging the phenomenon of addiction through the lens of spirituality seeks to highlight that the journey through addiction is more than undertaking a moral re-alignment in life; and is instead a re-focusing of the dynamic of the search for authenticity in a life.

Flanagan, Bernadette and Noelia Molina, eds. “Spirituality and Addiction.” Special issue, Religions 13, no. 6 (2022).

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