Syllabus: Christian Spirituality, by Andrew Dyck

Andrew Dyck has been most generous in sharing his syllabi. This, the fourth, is also for a graduate course. Here is the course description:

This course introduces students to the study of Christian spirituality by examining diverse traditions of Christian spirituality historically and presently, by considering the scriptural and theological moorings of these traditions, and by engaging in research that studies spiritual life. Through these explorations, students will be invited to consider their own spiritual heritage and ongoing spiritual development. 

This course has been designed for students wanting an expanded perspective of how God has been and is at work among Christian traditions, for students curious about their own spirituality and the spirituality of their Christian heritage, and for students wanting to be more receptive to the ways the Spirit of Jesus is present and active among people today.

As before, SSCS members may request a copy by emailing the blog moderator.