Syllabus: Spiritual Formation, by Andrew Dyck

This is the fifth of five syllabi Andrew Dyck has made available to SSCS members. You can find blog posts about the other four (or any other syllabi) by going to the SSCS website and typing syllabus in the box below Christian Spirituality Blog. To get a copy of this syllabus, please email the blog moderator. Here is the course overview:

This experience-centred course introduces students to practices and perspectives for growing in attentiveness to God’s presence in order to be continually formed into Christlikeness by the Holy Spirit. The course helps cultivate spiritual habits that can sustain students in their future ministries within and beyond local congregations. Both individual and communal spiritual formation will be explored.

During the course, students will be offered guided experiences of classical spiritual practices, augmented by lectures and by personal and biblical-theological reflection. The day spent as a class off campus will be conducted as a spiritual retreat—a ‘Vacation with the Lord.’