Syllabus: Theological Reflection in Professional Practice, by Zinia Pritchard

Dr. Zinia Pritchard, Contemplative Practical Theologian and Practice Director, Provincial Spiritual Care at Alberta Health Services, has created a syllabus for a course titled "Theological  Reflection in Professional Practice." SSCS members can request a copy by contacting the SSCS Blog moderator by email. Here are the expected learning outcomes for students taking this masters and doctoral level course:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Engage several models and methods of Theological Reflection within personal and practice contexts.
2. Explore “theological standpoints” and “religious location,” identifying implications for professional practice.
3. Critically explore the relationship between theological reflection and spiritual reflection
4. Synthesize learnings through a Theological Reflection in Professional Practice Group Presentation and Final Assignment.
5. Understand Theological Reflection as a spiritually informed, critically reflective method for exploring issues and questions of depth: facilitating growth in awareness, spiritual insight, and action/integration in relation self, others/clients, faith communities, and social systems.

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