Website: Catherine of Siena's Spirituality, by Diana L. Villegas

SSCS member and the Society's International Relations Committee Chairperson Diana Villegas has authored a website contributing to research in the spirituality of Catherine of Siena. Here is her introduction to the site:

This website replaces my plan to write a book that would unlock to spiritual seekers and spiritual guides the depth of wisdom offered by Catherine of Siena. The website is based on peer reviewed articles I have published about Catherine’s spirituality, as well as some new material including my translations of many passages of her letters both in the “Spiritual Wisdom” and “Letter Excerpts” tabs. While this website is intended to be accessible to the general reader interested in spirituality, the content will also be valuable for beginning students of Catherine’s spirituality as well as students of medieval mysticism and spirituality,

The website features the historical and cultural context required for an appreciation of Catherine’s spiritual wisdom, including clarification about accepted legends regarding Catherine’s role in history. I argue that Catherine’s greatness as a holy person lies not so much in particular mystical graces or alleged political accomplishments but rather in her heroic commitment to a transformative relationship with God and to accomplishing God’s will as she understood it.

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