Book: Studying Christian Spirituality, 2nd edition, by David Perrin

The second edition of David Perrin's Studying Christian Spirituality has just been published. Here is Perrin's introduction to the book:

David Perrin's Studying Christian Spirituality, 2nd edition, Routledge (2024) proposes a framework to discover how spirituality can be understood beyond the conventional boundaries that religions have established.

Its nine chapters discuss a wide variety of issues and questions, which include: definitions of spirituality; the impact of models of God; human-spiritual development; the importance of context; historical criticism; anthropology; interpretation of texts and art; and examples of spiritual practice. David B. Perrin clearly explains the traditional relationships between Christian spirituality and theology and history. He also proposes greater connections with the human sciences, such as philosophy, psychology, phenomenology, and sociology, and reshapes the classical approaches to Christian spirituality, its texts, practices, and experience.

This interdisciplinary volume is an essential reference for scholars and students at all levels who desire to develop a deeper understanding of Christian spirituality’s research methods, and its relevance to the world today.

The Table of Contents and sample sections to review are available at Studying Christian Spirituality - 2nd Edition - David B. Perrin - Routledge

David B. Perrin, Ph.D., D.Th. is a former President of the SSCS and is a member of the Editorial Board of Spiritus, the journal of the SSCS. David co-chairs the Christian Spirituality Unit of the American Academy of Religion. As a university Professor and author, as well as a popular workshop and retreat director, he has given conferences, workshops, and retreats on a range of topics in Canada, the United States and Europe.

His interest in popular Christian spirituality focuses on the lived experience of spirituality in today’s world and how that experience opens new possibilities for meaningful faith-filled living. His interest in the academic study of Christian spirituality focuses on methodological issues and how various fields of study deepen the potential for research projects in Christian spirituality. Mysticism, John of the Cross, psychology and philosophical hermeneutics are his primary research interests.