International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee (IRC)—a committee of about eight SSCS members—seeks to promote a global dimension within SSCS, which currently has a majority North American membership.  The committee seeks to inform our membership regarding international developments in the study of Christian spirituality, identifying and reporting on contextually significant issues, upcoming conferences, as well as the work of spirituality centers and organizations for the study of Christian spirituality outside North America.  The IRC also seeks to cultivate relationships with international scholars and inform about important works published elsewhere in the world.

IRC projects:

Yearly Newsletter

Issue 5

Issue 4

Issue 3

Issue 2

Issue 1


A Jesuit with the People – Michael O'Sullivan

Teaching Spirituality in a Myanmar Context – Tim Geoffrion

Latest Conferences-In partnership with international organizations  (for more, see Meetings)

2019 - Rome, Italy with Forum of Professors of Spiritual Theology, Italy and the Antonianum University.  Theme: Emerging Methodologies in Spirituality Studies and Spiritual Theology Proceedings

2023 – Adelaide, Australia.  Theme: Christian Spirituality as a Pathway for the Modern Seeker. More information here.

For information on the IRC, contact IRC Chairperson, Diana L. Villegas