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Guidelines for Use of the SSCS Listserv
The SSCS Listserv is a low-volume service for SSCS Members Only. The SSCS limits use of the listserv to promote the purpose of the Society as indicated in its Constitution: "To foster study and scholarly exchange in the field of Christian spirituality." Information and announcements on new scholarly published works and events that fall within this mandate may be requested for dissemination on the SSCS listserv.

Here are the basic guidelines to follow:
  • Notices should be announcements of conferences and new publications in the field of Christian spirituality. These conferences and new books should appeal to scholars and practitioners in the field.
  • Notices should be brief and factual, probably no more than three or four sentences. They should give enough information about the conference or content of the book to let members decide whether they'd be interested in learning more. Since notices should be brief, links to further information are encouraged. Blurbs praising books are less appropriate.
  • Acceptable elements of these announcements can include the following: 1) For events: name of event, place, dates, brief description, and who to contact for further information; 2) For books: title, author, ISBN, price and a brief abstract or link to an abstract; links to reviews are also acceptable.
  • Notices should be phrased as communications between members of the SSCS and should be phrased so as to include the entire SSCS membership. Letter form is frequently used and certainly appropriate. Pre-formatted ads aren't really appropriate for the collegial tone we'd like to set.
We'd invite you to consider these guidelines for any items you would like considered for distribution on the SSCS listserv. Once received we'll be very happy to forward it to the membership as promptly as possible. If we have any questions we will contact you directly to consider revisions.

If you have specific QUESTIONS, or would like to submit a draft for suggestions, please feel free to contact Anita Houck, the listserv moderator, at

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