The Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University Press, publishes the journal Spiritus, a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the interpretation of Christian Spirituality.

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Back issues of the Christian Spirituality Bulletin, the predecessor to Spiritus, can be ordered by contacting: Dr. Anita Houck

Elisabeth Koenig

This Society and my teaching career were launched at about the same time. If I hadn’t encountered SSCS friends and their deep discussions of interdisciplinary method, it would have been difficult or impossible for me to argue, as an isolated individual, that Christian Spirituality be included in an academic seminary curriculum. That I finally succeeded was due to the empowerment I received through yearly attendance at SSCS meetings. These not only have been occasions of utmost enjoyment and learning, they also have provided significant supports to my vocation. For this, I am deeply grateful.

Elisabeth Koenig,
Professor Emerita,
General Theological Seminary,
New York, NY