Teresa of Avila

Book: Teresa of Avila, the Holy Spirit, and the Place of Salvation, by André Brouillette

In Teresa of Avila, the Holy Spirit, and the Place of Salvation, the author André Brouillette SJ explores two themes in Teresa's writings essential to Christian spiritual theology. Here is the publisher's description:

Neither the Spirit nor salvation are easily understood, but they come together in the life and works of Teresa of Avila. Led by the Spirit, she shows both humanity and the church what salvation looks like. The saints testify in their flesh to the mystery of an encounter in history between the gift of God’s own self and a welcoming human will. They may speak clumsily at times...

Article: The Ascetic Life of the Ultrarunner, by Miriam Díaz-Gilbert

Miriam Díaz-Gilbert’s article describes how her experience training for a highly rigorous sport can be compared to Christian ascetic practices. Here are the article’s introductory paragraphs:

The early Christian ascetic body. The modern-day ultrarunner body. What kinship do they share? This personal narrative explores the similarities between the two and how the ascetics’ treatment of the body resonates with my spiritual ritual as an ultrarunner.

The early Christian ascetic experienced a demanding and difficult life of self-discipline, self-denial, prayer, fasting, repentance, and...

Dissertation: Friendship with the Saints: A Practical Theological Reading of Teresa of Avila as a Spiritual Companion, by Tara Soughers

Combining the approaches of practical theology and spirituality studies, Tara Soughers explores the writings of Teresa of Avila on spiritual companionship. When understood within their historical contexts, the writings of the saints can offer a great deal to contemporary practice of spiritual companionship, and Sougher’s analysis of Teresa’s texts provides a case study of how that might be so. Here is the dissertation’s abstract:

This dissertation is a practical theology study of spiritual companionship with the saints, working with Teresa of Avila as a case study. Teresa’s writing...

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